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/ˈrōdəˌskōp/ • noun

a device used by an artist to create a silhouette to extract elements or subjects from a scene for use on a different background.

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ro (she / they)

From an early age, Ro Lorenzen has experienced a diverse arrangement of musical influences and opportunities to root a very distinct skillset and style of writing and performance. In high school, Ro dove head-first into the world of Dance Music, and a universe of sonic opportunities became their muse. Although there were many outlets for music to be made and played, she came to find she had a hard time finding a groove in the Minneapolis Music scene. Navigating the music industry as a Non-Binary Transwoman, Ro has continued to push herself, learning valuable teaching skills at both Private and Public Institutions around Minnesota, working with primarily femme-Identifying, and/or BIPOC artists that need production and engineering. She is readily available to help fully realize projects, hone their skills, and elevate their future creations. Through hard work and perseverance, she has come to open a studio of her own. Full-time and freelance, with 16 years of production and engineering experience under her belt, Ro is eager to take on new students and projects to develop new and exciting timeless classics, with artists and creatives with vision. Let's rotoscope projections of the sounds of the heart, together! ☆

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